Niko Price Net Worth

Niko Price Net Worth (Salaries, Earnings, Investments)

Explore the Niko Price net worth, a talented MMA fighter known for his success in the UFC. Learn about his financial standing and achievements in the sport.

Let’s talk about Niko Price’s journey in the UFC and how it’s impacted his wallet. You know Niko—he’s the guy who fights like there’s no tomorrow, especially in the welterweight division. Fans go wild over his matches, but they’re also curious about how much he’s stacking up.

Now, the money side of fighting can be a bit hush-hush, but let’s dig into what we know and what experts are saying to get a peek into Niko Price’s net worth in 2024. Hang tight as we explore the cash side of this UFC sensation!

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Niko Price Bio Data

Full NameNiko Price
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1989
BirthplaceCape Coral, Florida, United States
ProfessionProfessional MMA Fighter
OrganizationUltimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Height6 feet
Fighting StyleVersatile, proficient in striking and grappling
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBlack belt under Daniel Moraes
Notable WinsTim Means, Alan Jouban, James Vick
PersonalityLaid-back, loves fishing and the outdoors
FamilyMarried with children
Net WorthNot Publicly Declared


Early Life and Career Beginnings

Niko Price’s journey into MMA began in Cape Coral, Florida, where he had an intriguing early life and start in the sport:

High School Athlete: Price attended Mariner High School, where he played football, gaining discipline and a foundation for combat sports.

Kickboxing Beginnings: After high school, he shifted to kickboxing, winning his first two fights by knockout, showing a natural talent for striking.

College and MMA Focus: While briefly studying criminal justice in college, Price’s focus turned to MMA in 2008, indicating a growing interest in a more comprehensive combat style.

Undefeated Amateur Streak: Price excelled as an amateur, going 9-0, sharpening his skills for the professional level.

Early Pro Success: Going pro in 2012, Price continued his winning streak, going 8-0 with 7 knockouts, establishing himself as a formidable force early in his career.

Although details about early challenges are scarce, his flawless amateur record and strong start as a pro suggest a period of early triumphs.

If you’re curious about Price’s journey beyond this point, including any obstacles he may have encountered, I can help you find more information.

Professional MMA Career

Niko Price is all about excitement and ending fights. Here are some highlights:

  • KO Specialist: Every win (14) and most losses (5) in Price’s career have ended by knockout or submission, making him a fan favorite for his aggressive style.
  • “Performance of the Night” Awards: Price has received this honor four times from the UFC for his thrilling knockouts against fighters like Alan Jouban and Tim Means.
  • Tim Means KO (2019): Price made history by being the first to knock out Tim Means, earning respect in the MMA community.
  • James Vick Upkick KO (2019): This knockout from his back is legendary, winning Price “Knockout of the Month.”
  • Vicente Luque Fight (2020): Though he didn’t win, Price’s fight with Luque was intense and earned him recognition for his resilience.
  • Championship Goals: While not a champ yet, Price’s exciting fights and style have put him in the mix for Welterweight division greatness.

UFC Career

Niko Price is known for his thrilling fights in the UFC’s Welterweight division. Here’s a quick look at his UFC journey (as of June 5, 2024):

  • Debut: Price started strong with a submission and knockout win.
  • Record: He’s got 7 wins, 5 losses, and 1 no contest.
  • Highlights: Price earned “Performance of the Night” four times for his knockout wins.
  • Key Fights: Victories over Jouban, Means, and Vick showcase his skills.
  • Recent Win: On June 1st, 2024, Price scored a knockout victory over Morono.
  • Overall: Price’s aggressive style and knockout ability make him a tough contender in the Welterweight division.

Earnings and Salary

Here’s the scoop on Niko Price’s earnings and salary:

Base Pay vs. Bonuses

In the UFC, fighters get paid to fight and win. They can also score extra cash for putting on a show.

Public Info

Exact numbers for Price’s base pay are hard to find, but we know he’s made some serious cash.

Recent Fight (2024)

He reportedly bagged $150,000 for beating Alex Morono.

And that’s not all! Past Fights: Price has earned around $76,000 for showing up, with bonuses ranging from $10,000 to $18,000 for winning.

Plus, he’s scored big bonuses four times.

Career Earnings

Price has likely banked over $246,000 so far, but there might be more in the bank! Future Prospects:

If Price keeps winning, his paychecks could get even bigger.

Bottom Line

While we might not know all the details, one thing’s for sure: Niko Price is making waves and cash in the UFC!

Endorsements and Sponsorships

Unfortunately, there’s no public info about endorsement deals or sponsorships for Niko Price right now. Here’s why:

Limited Results: My search on reliable sources like athlete databases and news articles didn’t turn up any endorsements for Niko Price. This could be because his career was relatively short or he didn’t land any big deals during that time.

Early Retirement: Athletes often score endorsements after making a name for themselves. Since Niko Price retired in 2019, he might not have had the chance to attract major brands.

Investments and Business Ventures

Unfortunately, there’s no public info about Niko Price’s current investments or business ventures. Here’s why:

Limited Public Info: Financial details about athletes, especially those not in the spotlight, are often kept private. There might not be any news or announcements about his investments.

Privacy Matters: Athletes have a right to keep their financial decisions private.

Impact of MMA Career

Although we can’t say for sure, Niko Price’s MMA career could have influenced his financial choices in a few ways:

Earnings Potential: Depending on his fights, endorsements, and sponsorships, his MMA career could have given him a good chunk of cash for potential investments.

Investment Approach: MMA fighters often retire earlier, so he might have chosen to invest sooner or more aggressively to secure his financial future.

Financial Savvy: The discipline needed for MMA success could mean he’s smart with his money and makes careful investment decisions.

Assets and Lifestyle

Since there’s little recent news about Niko Price and his finances are private, we can’t really tell how he lives or spends. But here’s what we can guess:


Back in the Game: As a former MMA fighter, Niko probably spent a lot of time training and staying fit.

Life After Fighting: We’re not sure what he’s up to now or what he enjoys doing.

Spending Habits

Fighter Bucks: His earnings likely varied based on fights and sponsorships.

Big Unknown: Without the details, it’s hard to say how he splurged or saved.


Mystery Man: There’s no public info on his stuff like houses or cars.

Best Guess

Fight Money: Fighters can make a lot or a little. It’s hard to say without knowing Niko’s exact paychecks.

Future Plans: Some fighters invest early to secure their future. Maybe he did too?

Bottom Line: Without more info, it’s tough to say much about Niko Price’s lifestyle or money.

Niko Price Net Worth Estimate

Since there’s little info out there about Niko Price’s finances, we can’t really guess his net worth accurately.

But here’s why:

Financial Mystery: There’s no public data on what he made from fights, sponsorships, or what he’s up to now.

Short MMA Career: Niko Price didn’t fight for as long as some others, so his earnings might not be as hefty.

Here’s what could play a part in his net worth

Fight Earnings: How many fights he won, plus bonuses and the fight promotions he was in, would affect his earnings.

Sponsorships: If he had any deals, they’d bump up his net worth.

Post-Fight Cash: Money from businesses or other gigs after fighting would add to his net worth.

Spending Habits: We don’t know how he lived day-to-day, so we can’t say if he saved or splurged.

Even expert guesses on his net worth might not be on point because they’d also be based on guesses and not much data.

Future Prospects

Predicting Niko Price’s future after retiring from MMA in 2019 is like trying to guess the next plot twist in a movie. Here are some simple ideas:

  1. Unlikely Return: Coming back to the ring seems unlikely after stepping away.
  2. Coaching or Training: He could pass on his fighting knowledge to others, either by opening a gym or joining a team.
  3. Business Start-Up: He might start a fitness brand or gear line if he’s business-savvy.
  4. Trying Something New: Without knowing his hobbies or interests, it’s hard to guess what he’ll do next.
  5. Media Work: He could offer commentary on fights, depending on where he’s working.
  6. Investing: If he’s smart with his fight money, he could invest it to make more.
  7. Influencer Stuff: If he’s got a big online following, he could partner with brands for sponsored posts.

Remember, we don’t know all the details about his plans or skills, so it’s tough to say what’s next. Life’s full of surprises, so who knows what opportunities will pop up for Niko Price.

What is Niko price record?

Niko Price’s professional MMA record stands at 16 wins, 7 losses, and 2 No Contests.

Breakdown of his record:


  • 10 by Knockout/Technical Knockout (TKO)
  • 3 by Submission
  • 3 by Decision


  • 5 by Knockout/Technical Knockout (TKO)
  • 1 by Submission
  • 1 by Decision

No Contests: 2

How many kids does Niko Price have?

Here’s what we found out:

Niko Price and his wife Erica already have six kids, as per his Wikipedia page and news articles until June 1, 2024. Their names are Mia, Ella, Asher, Micah, Ezra, and Adalee Joy.

But guess what? During a press conference on June 1, 2024, Niko spilled the beans: they’re expecting their seventh!

Where does Niko Price train?

As of June 5, 2024, it’s tough to know where Niko Price is training these days because athletes keep their routines private. Here’s why:

Retirement: Niko Price retired from MMA in 2019, so he’s probably not hitting up the gyms like he used to.

Guessing Game

We can make a few guesses, though:

Home Gym: Maybe he’s got his own setup at home to stay fit. Local Gyms: He might be dropping by local gyms for some workouts or classes. New Interests: He could be trying out different stuff these days. To keep up:

Check MMA News: Keep an eye on MMA news sites or social media for any updates on Niko Price. They might spill the beans if he’s back in action. Social Media Check: If Niko’s posting online, he might give a sneak peek of his workouts. But remember, it’s all guesswork until we get some real info.


Pinpointing Niko Price’s exact net worth is tough due to the limited public information available. We don’t know his fight earnings, possible endorsements, or post-fighting plans. While we can make educated guesses based on what MMA fighters usually earn, it wouldn’t be accurate for Niko Price.

But hey, Niko’s future looks bright! Whether he jumps back into MMA as a coach or analyst, starts his own business, or dives into something completely new, his experience and determination can lead to success.

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